About TEI

Who is TEI Construction ?

TEI Program and Construction Management, Inc. is a professional services organization, staffed with individuals who have a multitude of diverse skills in all phases of construction programming and management. Organized in 1996 with only 3 employees, TEI has completed more than 100 extraordinary projects in the Unite State with over 40 clients, serving the Aviation, Technology, Transportation, Education, Medical and Municipal industries. We are a family company grounded by core values, hard work, integrity and trust. All of our senior employees are professional engineers, executives, and managers who possess the skill sets to deliver a quality project. TEI’s core management team experience exceeds 150 years of expertise in construction & construction management services, including public and privately funded projects.

This experience is not only rich in its depth, but also reflects a variety of history in many facets of construction and construction management, with a heavy emphasis in engineering services. Out talented employees are the key to developing and sustaining relationships, while accumulating and retaining client knowledge & experiences to pass forward and ultimately deliver insight that adds value to our clients’ businesses.

Safety, Quality & Ethics

TEI works to the highest ethical standards and measure our success by the safety & quality of our work. We have an outstanding safety record with no loss days due to accidents in the past 15 years. We are continually improving and reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world as we contribute timely and efficient services and effective, tailored sustainable solutions for our clients.

The Chisholm Trail project

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Welcome Dr. Kanti Wani & Amy Moore to the TEI team

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